Thursday, May 16, 2019

Science Poems in #OurSTEAMCafe

Combining Science and Technology today in #OurSTEAMCafe. Reading and responding to Science Poems. Beginnings of learning how to publish our student's own poetry.

Maria Fleming wrote a wonderful flipbook of poems for Science. Her poems are delightful. They encourage students to think while exploring scientific concepts in an easy manner. I use the flipbook as an example text for students to read. Afterwards, I ask them to respond to some teacher directed questions in a Google Slide template. They have such fun sharing their thinking. First we work quietly, individually on our chromebooks. Then we share some ideas as a group. It is always fun to see how they approach things. I ask, "Who's thoughts are we hearing in the 'Dear Egg' poem?". I intentionally do not require any particular response format. After they write their answers I ask via a show of hands, "How many of you responded with a one or two word answer?" and "How many of your responded with a complete sentence?" This leads to some great discussions about transferring our writing skills.
Then students were presented with an open digital canvas where they could begin typing their own poems. Some classes had completed pieces that they brought with them to publish. Others would be drafting on the spot. Either way, they are learning wonderful technology skills in support of STEAM.