Thursday, April 11, 2019

Out of the Box Thinking in First Grade

Each of our first grade classes designed shoebox parade floats to display their interests. Inspiration came from reading the book "Rosie Revere, Engineer". In a few weeks students would be seeing the play "Rosie Revere & Friends". So we used our own out-of-the-box thinking and looked for spare parts and doohickeys to create parade floats. It was a great process to watch taking place. 

Mrs. Shields provided students with a brief overview slideshow. Students were shown a few photographs of real parade floats. This helped them make decisions about aspects that they liked or did not like. They could then adjust their plans for making their own floats.  Creativity takes on many forms and facets. But as it ebbs and flows it swirls wonder, engagement, and deeper connections while it develops.

These two first graders collaborated so beautifully. They planned together, designed together, built together, and shared resources. What an adorable shoebox parade float they made by connecting both of their boxes!

Some students created floats that had settings that were instructional (Math float, Science float), inspirational (kindness float), story-based (fairy tale), and location-based (trampoline parks, basketball courts). They had freedom for creation. I was quite impressed with their masterpieces.