Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Science Connections in Second Grade

Second grade students did a great job making connections between previous knowledge, visual images, and surround sound. Second graders had previously studies the Water cycle with their teacher. Upon entering #OurSTEAMCafe, they experienced two songs playing softly in the background. One was about the Water Cycle and one was about the Plant Life Cycle. As students entered the space they also walked by tables that were displaying pictures of plants during various stages of the Water Cycle.

After watching a brief video of hot water evaporating and condensing on a very cold day in Manitoba, Canada we reviewed the parts of the Water Cycle. Students looked for new evidence in a selected text that lead us to conclusions about what plants may need to survive. Students then made choices and designed experiments for future observations. Would their seeds be in the dark or in the light? Would their seeds be in a dry or wet environment?

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