Friday, February 22, 2019

Digital Learning Day is Coming - Feb 28th

Digital Learning Day, is just around the corner! I love celebrating this day with students and teachers every year. It is so wonderful to be a connected educator and have so many resources right at my fingertips. Being a connected educator I learned about Peter Reynolds relatively new book The Word Collector. It seems to have resonated with me greatly. You may have seen my recent post about using Scrabble Tiles to create/collect words. During my preparation for Digital Learning Day, I am also thinking that I will challenge teachers that visit our event. I have a large roll of white paper in #OurSTEAMCafe. I think I will ask them to offer their word associations for the term "Technology". As the words collect, I will photograph to show the time lapse of how our words were generated throughout the course of the day.

Someone online asked how teachers were planning to celebrate #DLDay. I began sharing some of my plans. As I wrote I realized that it might be fun to co-collect words with other educators beyond our building. So I have created a public Google Doc. It is editable. Feel free to add your own beautiful words around the theme "Technology".
Would you be kind enough to share a word or two with my teachers to inspire theme? Thank you!

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