Monday, August 20, 2018

Careers A to Z

Do teacher brains ever really shut-off in the summer. Even when we aren't attempting to plan and enhance our classrooms, I find my brain just does it on its own. Sort of like autopilot at this point. I shared this elsewhere and decided to cross post here. It is another educator goal of mine to try to document more frequently the happenings and thinking taking place in #OurSTEAMCafe.

Here are some such recent thoughts:
Have you seen the Amazon commercial this summer? Commercial - Amazon Back to School 2018 

A teacher begins her attendance roll call. But instead of calling names she looks for her "Future Paleontologist", and "Aspiring Zoologist" and "Rainbow Unicorn Trainer". The first few times I saw the commercial, I smiled but viewed it passively. I was still in the consumer stage. "Oh, isn't that cute." But the more I saw the commercial, the more it caused me to put my educator hat on. "Hmm, my students could do that." Why not allow students to think and dream in terms of their future selves. And when I heard the little girl described as "Rainbow unicorn trainer". I admit my first thought was, "Oh how precious. She has such imagination!" But then I had to stop myself. The careers of tomorrow are not invented yet. So today's impossibles might just become tomorrow's possibles with a little hard work and creative thinking. Now perhaps there will be some limitations like the question of do unicorns really exist. But perhaps this little girl's dreams and aspirations will bring her to the field of graphic design and computer programming. Maybe she will create an app where you can design your own unicorn be it blue, purple or rainbow colored. Maybe she will create an app that let's you train the unicorn object to perform tricks or run commands. 

Or maybe she will find a completely different path in life. But perhaps we should allow them to think outside of the box and dream of all possibilities. The jobs of tomorrow have not yet been invented. So who knows what she will create and define as her own future self. Today's creative thoughts can become tomorrow's realities.

If you are interested here is a tent card that I made to go with the idea. I will give my students in #OurSTEAMCafe some time to think to think and dream. And finally self-identify who/what they want to become in the future. Then they can complete a tent card to stand at their table space. Maybe their desires and goals will help another child brainstorm their own future. And the beauty of this simplicity is that their career aspirations and dreams for future selves can adapt and change and develop throughout the course of the school year. Just edit or print another tent card to update their thinking.

Link to tent card activity If you opt to use this in your classrooms, I would love to see you share a photo (student faces are not necessary) and tag #OurSTEAMCafe.