Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Organizing our minds and backpacks

One of our third grade teachers had a friend that is a productivity specialist. She provided a wonderful distance learning experience focused on "Clutter-free Connection." She shared the concept with our students of holding onto negativity and worry. They discussed how to let such thoughts go so that our minds are not cluttered. Then students emptied ALL items from their backpacks. They had such fun participating in this portion of the program. Watching them dump out all items and the dimples of laughter emerged. Students then drew a backpack map to help organize their thoughts as to which pocket to best support which items that needed to be returned to their backpacks.

Zoom software helped us connect virtually to our "visiting" specialist. Mrs. Shield's equipment helped us have both audio, visuals, and discussions. The students seem to warm up to the concept of both being heard and seen as well as hearing and seeing our presenter.

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