Thursday, May 3, 2018

Fairy Tales Featuring Technology

A second grade teacher asked about trying Chromebooks with her students. Absolutely! We partnered together and planned a lesson that connected her current teaching with the use of Chromebooks and GSuite. The class had been studying the genre of fairy tales. I showed this teacher how she can offer students text and picture to reinforce literacy skills. We made a slide show sharing the story of The Magic Fish. We then setup a template in Google Slides for students to reflect on the writing styles used in the tale. They were also asked to reflect on the story problem and resolution. Students learned some technology skills to facilitate this (typing, adding pictures, changing font styles, sizes and colors). We taught them the basics and then offered them more freedom to enhance the provided template. The teacher really liked this format. We had a few more additional lessons together with her and her class. And then she soared on her own providing instruction with this digital format. She looks forward to starting this even earlier next year with her students.