Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Second Grade Stikbots

A second grade class partnered with me on a longer range project. We met for a collaborative experience learning how Stikbots work. We then discussed options for creating green screen movies with Stikbots. Students spent time in their classroom with their teacher planning out their Stikbot movies by writing (pencil and paper) a draft outline created with Google Slides. Then we made a class movie. Each student had the opportunity to move the Stikbot for one of the 10 frames per second. We made a three second movie... What effort for three seconds! But students were so involved and motivated. The teacher shared with me that she had some students that struggled to find their voice. In planning out their Stikbot movies, they wrote much more in depth paragraphs for her.

We then invited small groups of students to visit #OurSTEAMCafe again. They were reminded how the Stikbot Studio app works, how green screen and chroma key works, and how to choose appropriate backgrounds to fit the settings from their writing. Students then got to work creating those green screen stop motion movies. They demonstrated great creativity working with Mrs. Shields' green gloves, straws, legos, construction paper and more. Together we problem solved and tried to figure out best practices for using tripods, stands, crates, construction paper and more to find best results. Movie play day was a big hit in this classroom.