Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Inspiration in the Aisles

Was just discussing with one friend this evening that I need to add more content here. I haven't really showcased anything from #OurSTEAMCafe this year. I will backfill with more posts soon. I know it is important to share back to our online community. It's a great way to give back to all those that have provided thoughts, motivation, ideas, and projects with me.

Another friend this evening asked for some STEM/STEAM ideas. Here is what I wrote in response:
"I would visit a dollar store and see what's available. You can probably get multipack items for $1. Inspiration can be found in the aisles. Cotton balls (like 100 a pack) can become snowmen, qtips (150-500) and white paint can make snowflakes, fingerpaint and thumbprints can make hearts, foam shapes (25-100s) can be assembled to create anything. I love tongue depressers and velcro dots (need to find more dots). They can twist the sticks into so many shapes and forms (bridges, frames, rafts and more)."

Perhaps this might give others some ideas to branch off from. Did you recently find inspiration within the store aisles?