Monday, June 19, 2017

National Week of Making

June 16 through the 22nd was designated as The National Week of Making. To support our teachers, I created a Google Slideshow with suggestions for various types of inexpensive making. Loved the emails that I received in return thanking me for sharing these simple ideas. Two classes invited me to come view projects (that they already had been working on) their students created. I appreciate seeing how the teachers and students creative was set free even before my resources. And hopefully this helped a few others join us in the makermovement. Here is the slideshow presentation with some starter ideas for making.

In #OurSTEAMCafe, I also put out a few project bins with extra supplies. These offered teachers a free way to dip their toes into the water of classroom making. I search around for extra glitter, glue, cardboard, stickers, straws (200 for $1), coffee filters (500 for $1), muffin liners (25 for $1), clay (5 for $5 if you shop well), and more. I noticed the bins were not emptied by teachers. But they did decrease a little showing that some had taken a few items to work with. I hoped more would share their results and perhaps pictures. But we will work on documentation more this coming school year. Strengthening our digital documentation is one of my professional goals for the coming school year.  Below is a photo of the bins I setup for National Week of Making.