Sunday, August 7, 2016

March - Beautiful Butterflies

During the month of March, #OurSTEAMCafe was invaded by butterflies. The Science area had gorgeous DVDS, posters, books, and a toy model of the butterfly life cycle. The Technology area had access to online videos, informational websites, LittleBits projects and interactive life cycle sites all for exploring. The Engineering area had some block challenges to create butterflies (also involving math as butterflies have symmetry). The Arts area had several projects available as well as materials to create original works. Using coffee filters and markers we also explored the chomotography in markers (making interesting butterflies) [also involving Science]. Ah the beauty of STEAM Education. It all inter-relates. And of course the math area had butterfly measurements and manipulates to work with to continue learning.

Part of my role is help teachers integrate technology in their classrooms as well. Here it the resource I created to share with teachers. You mind find a resource or two that works for you as well: Click here. If you do find something useful, we would love to hear your story.

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