Friday, February 12, 2016

February - Conversation Hearts

Realize, I lost my digital voice for awhile. After attending #DENSI2016 and reconnecting with #DENFriends and #DENFamily, I have found my voice again. Hopefully you find something useful in what I have to say. I will be backfilling a few activities that weren't seen beyond our four walls last year. Hope you enjoy...

February - Conversation Hearts

A class joined me in #OurSTEAMCafe to explore conversation hearts on February, 12th. This was a multiuse meeting. We were demoing chromebooks and Google Classroom. Tapping into the upcoming holiday made this digital excursion engaging. Using several videos and images that I found on the Internet, we began looking at how Sweethearts are made. Here is the presentation that I shared with our students. Click here for the pdf.

We looked at the question, How many letters can you fit on a heart? Five letters on the top line. Four on the shorter line. The W is a longer letter, though, so if we use the W we do lines of four and three.,8599,2048687,00.html

After discovering the journey Sweethearts Candies go through before they reach our desks, we then created our own Sweetheart sayings. We discussed how new sayings are approved each year. We pretended to be drafting new slogans for the NECCO company. The students created wonderful ideas to share.

Lastly, I passed out a box of conversation hearts for each student. They were distributed a worksheet with two hearts. They created their own original number sentences. We placed each students number sentence under our Lumens Ladibug document camera for the class to see. The class tried to solve all the number sentences. Then students practiced writing in a Google Doc (reached through Google Classroom), by sharing their number sentences.

Then of course, as a small gift each student received a box of Sweethearts. These went home with students. This way parents could check allergy information or make a decision regarding consumption.

*Note: I hope to enhance this post soon with photos and other links. But those resources are not with me. This is why I enjoyed moving to the Google Cloud. Moving forward all resources will be easily reached with the power of the Internet.